The Black Ballot

Black Voters Matter was in South Carolina ahead of the state's Democratic primary to help raise awareness and encourage participation.

New Hampshire's decision to hold the nation's first presidential primary has racial implications.

Joe Biden’s South Carolina primary win prompted a spirited online debate about his presumed Democratic nomination and who the former vice president should pick as his running mate: Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris.


As the South Carolina primary will take place on Saturday, Joe Biden, who was confident in his support from the state's Black voters, is facing competition from other Democratic presidential candidates, which could possibly affect the outcome of the primary results.


It's been nearly 75 years since one man fought South Carolina Democrats to end whites-only primaries. Now, this year's South Carolina primary could be a make-or-break moment for some of the all-white candidates as their fates lay in the hands of Black voters.

CNN projected Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to win the South Carolina primary Saturday, beating Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Congressman Clyburn warns that Sanders' free college tuition plan would kill private black colleges. Students would bypass HBCUs in favor of state colleges.

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