Videos of Donald Trump giving speeches is reinforcing the same alleged cognitive concerns that Republicans have used to fearmonger about President Joe Biden.


Senate Democrats reintroduced the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to restore key provisions that undermine Republicans' efforts to decrease access to the ballot, particularly for Black voters.

The candidate tried to appeal to Black voters.


In the fall general election, the only alternatives to a Biden vote for Democrats will be to stay home or vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. claimed during a podcast appearance that African American men regularly walk up to him and say he's their "hero."

An exclusive interview with Maryland's governor.

Donald Trump displayed racism and hypocrisy while speaking at the the Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina.


Conspiracy theorists think Michelle Obama will replace Joe Biden on the 2024 Democratic ticket in the latest instance of Republican fearmongering.

The Black Ballot

Black Voters Matter was in South Carolina ahead of the state's Democratic primary to help raise awareness and encourage participation.

Several legacy media companies have faced huge layoffs. Read more about what this could mean for news in an election year.