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A little over three years ago, SBS Dateline, an Australian television program, released leaked photographs from the U.S. prison in Iraq, Abu Ghraib.

It is believed that the pictures being held back by the Obama administration may include some of these shots that most of the US press ignored, although RAW STORY ran them in 2006.

After the posting of the photos, the ACLU released the following statement exclusive to RAW STORY.

“We continue to see undeniable evidence that abuse and torture has been widespread and systematic, yet high level government officials have not been held accountable for creating the policies that led to these atrocities,” said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. “We need to look up the chain of military command, because when the rule of law is not followed all of our personal freedoms are threatened. President Bush should appoint an independent counsel to uncover the full truth about the extent of the abuse and who is ultimately responsible.”

An article in the Guardian said, at the time, that “there were reports today that the US government was trying to prevent the new images being broadcast in the US.”

Earlier today, The Daily Mail ran a story about the 2006 photos which incorrectly claimed that they were first broadcast last night. Before the article was edited, today’s Daily Mail included the photo of the man hanging naked upside down seen below, and which, at this moment, is displayed at the Drudge Report under the headline “OZ TV AIRS NEW TORTURE PHOTOS.”

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