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President Barack Obama faces many challenges with independents, who played a pivotal role in securing his position in the White House, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

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Many Independents, who were pivotal in 2008, are said to now view the president negatively. The New York Times reports:

A majority of independent voters have soured on his presidency, disapprove of how he has dealt with the economy, and do not have a clear idea of what he hopes to accomplish if re-elected.

The poll revealed that only 31 percent of Independents viewed the President positively, while two-thirds of Independents were unhappy with the President’s economic progress. These poll findings mean that much of the swing voter base is up for grabs, although it should be noted that most Independents also have a negative view of Republicans.

To the President’s credit, though, when pollsters were asked who they trust more, he came out on top, with 44 percent believing the President will make better decisions in regards to health care, jobs, Social Security, and Medicare.

The President is scheduled to present his accomplishments to Congress next week. As the election draws near, how these swing voters perceive the President’s track record as well as what he can do for the future of this nation will make all the difference in whether he reclaims the White House for the next four years.

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