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Stacey Nicole English was last seen December 25, 2011, in Atlanta, Georgia. Speculation is now swirling that the 36-year-old woman may have finally been found, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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A body, wedged beneath a fallen tree, was discovered in an “advanced state of decomposition”  by two men Saturday afternoon in the southern mecca; police have suggested that it may be Ms. English. Though mainstream media has barely covered her disappearance, social-media — and Black America — have refused to let this story lose steam. Grassroots searches have continued to intensify since her family reported her missing on New Year’s Eve.

Atlanta police spokesperson, Carlos Campos, reported that a 911 call was received at approximately 3:00 p.m and the body was subsequently transported to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office, reports the AJC. English’s Volvo S260 was discovered on December 27 with the engine running less than a mile away from the body’s location in a library parking lot.

Though English’s family has been notified, neither the body nor cause of death has been identified, said a police spokesperson.

According to Campos, the tree appeared to have fallen on her, but that could not be confirmed.

Bernice English Hurks, English’s aunt, expressed her emotions about the discovery at the scene:

If this is not her, I have to still be sad because it’s someone else’s child, Hurks said. I can’t base my emotions on what I think. The hardest thing now, is not knowing.

English’s stepfather, Keith Jamison, declined comment.

Robert Kirk of St. Louis, is the last known person to have seen English alive. According to him, Ms. English had been “acting peculiar” on the night of December 26, allegedly asked him if he were “Satan,” according to the AJC. Kirk claims in an incident report that  he checked into a hotel after she asked him to leave her apartment.

At the time that she was reported missing, Jamison said that his daughter and Kirk had been arguing; he also was extremely adament that she would not just vanish.

Thus far, there is no evidence linking Kirk to English’s disappearance. Police have said that, though the surrounding circumstances are “suspicious,” there appears to be no foul play.

English’s mother, Cindy Jamison, told investigators that Stacey attempted to commit suicide about three years ago. She was also taking an undisclosed medication.

Until the identity of the deceased woman can be confirmed, the search for Stacey English continues.


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