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When Stacey English vanished on Christmas Day, her stepfather, Kevin Jamieson, immediately suspected foul play. Now that an Atlanta medical examiner has confirmed that the decomposing body found wedged beneath a tree was, in fact, English, Jamison and her mother, Cindy Jamieson, tell media they believe she was murdered, reports


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As Ms Jamieson sat being consoled by her husband, she made it very clear that she believes her daughter was taken into the woods with malicious intent:

This is only one level of closure. There are other levels of closure that need to take place. So, we thank God for allowing us to find our daughter. There is no doubt in my mind that there had to be some type of foul play involved. The way that she was found and where she was found, and that is what we are wanting, to make sure that no one gets tired at this point, it’s only beginning, there is a lot more work to do.

The family’s attorney, Rick Morris, also voiced his concerns that English was murdered, assuring media that he was working with a private investigator to make sure that the perpetrator was bought to justice:

I believe she was taken there and I believe APD is going to do a job and they are going to do it well.

Robert Kirk of St. Louis, is the last known person to have seen English alive. According to him, Ms. English had been “acting peculiar” on the night of December 26, allegedly asked him if he were “Satan,” according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Kirk claims in an incident report that  he checked into a hotel after she asked him to leave her apartment.

Thus far, there is no evidence linking Kirk to English’s disappearance. Police have said that, though the surrounding circumstances are “suspicious,” there appears to be no foul play.

Members of the Facebook group “Help Us Find Stacey Nicole English” have organized a tribute to English that will begin today at 3:30 p.m. Participants have been asked to gather at John C. Birdine Center on Lakewood Way in Southeast Atlanta. There will be a processional beginning near the library where English’s car was discovered abandoned with the motor running on December 27; participants will then walk the half-mile to the location where her body was found on Jan. 23.

Organizer Amisha Harding, is asking that family and friends where red and bring red flowers in honor of English’s favorite color, reports the Huffington Post:

The family and friends…are committed to celebrating Stacey’s life of love, honor, faith and service to others. The community is invited to take part in the prayer walk as a tribute to English, and a showing of support as Stacey’s family and friends work to determine the events that led to the death of their beloved daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend.

Mr. Jamieson says that the family has no plans on resting until the truth surrounding his step-daughter’s death is revealed:

We are going to keep our daughter’s face in the media because until we have the end result, we won’t just sit by.

Though funeral arrangements have not been finalized, Cindy Jamieson plans to bury her daughter on February 4.


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