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On Monday, Newt Gingrich told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are “essentially the same person,” when it comes to health care, according to Politico.

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Labeling Romney a liberal and pro-abortion candidate, Gingrich said:

George Soros in Europe yesterday said publicly, that he’s perfectly happy with either Obama or Romney, that they’re the same people. Minor differences, Gingrich said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” The Obama administration is raging a war against the Catholic church … Well guess what? Mitt Romney’s Romneycare — he specifically refused to exempt Catholic hospitals, he specifically cut funding for kosher meals for Jewish senior elders in Medicaid in Massachusetts.

Gingrich continues to step up his attack in an attempt to stop Romney’s momentum in Florida. According to the Chicago Tribune, Romney is said to have a “double-digit lead” over Gingrich, but Gingrich, who lacks support from Conservatives, believes the margin to be exaggerated and is seemingly undeterred:

I believe the Republican Party will not nominate a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase moderate from Massachusetts, Gingrich said after attending a Baptist church in Lutz, Florida. They will not nominate somebody who raises millions from Wall Street to run ads that are false, he said. “So this is going to be a straight out contest for the next four or five months.

Clearly, Gingrich thinks that if he can paint Romney as a GOP twin of Obama — by attempting to elicit the same Conservative disdain that the term “Obamacare” evokes — he can somehow dissuade voters from supporting the former Massachusetts governor.

The Florida Primary will take place on Tuesday and could make or break either campaigns. It will be interesting to see if Romney can indeed step even closer to becoming the GOP presidential nominee or if Gingrich can somehow gain traction with Obama comparisons to upset Romney and show that his South Carolina win wasn’t just a fluke.


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