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Former Patriots defensive lineman Jarvis Green remembers playing against the Giants in the Super Bowl like it was yesterday.

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In the 2007 Super Bowl, quarterback Eli Manning managed to escape the grasp of Green and completed a pass to David Tyree that would later result in a winning score. The end result was a 17-14 loss for the Patriots to the Giants.

Green couldn’t sleep for weeks because of that play and would sometimes wake up in cold sweats. Today, he’s still wide awake to watch the rematch of the Giants and the Patriots, hoping for redemption.

NewsOne: What are the differences between the team today and what are their chances?

Jarvis Green: There are seven guys from the ’07 year that are still there now, and they are a very important part of the chemistry of the team. Of course, they’re also older players.

I think what’s different is that we have a really strong defense compared to then, so that’s the biggest thing. [The Giants have] an Eli Manning. He had a helluva game in ’07, but he’s playing probably the best football of his career this year, so that makes a difference.

I think the front seven this year is better than the front seven we had in ’07. They got a good line. I think the biggest thing for this upcoming game is they get rid of the ball and make some big plays.

NewsOne: What do you think the Patriots need to look out for?

JG: I think the pass rush and watching them dive on second and third down, because the Giants have plenty of good cornerbacks. Also, they have to make sure that Gronkowski, the big tight end, doesn’t get jammed, if he gets jammed, the game is over.

NewsOne: What do you think the Giants should look out for?

JG: They need to look out for their tight end, make sure not to allow [quarterback] Tom Brady to get hot, and also I think the sleeper of the game are the running backs. If the Giants rush the way they rush the middle, it’s going to be pretty much wide open for them to get in there and have a power running attack.

NewsOne: Do you think the momentum is that much stronger because of the momentum from 2007?

JG: I think so. I remember I talked with one of my friends that owns a restaurant at the stadium and she said the pep rally had 25,000 people in the stands. I said that was probably the biggest crowd ever. I think it’s gonna something different.

NewsOne: What’s your prediction?

JG: I gotta say that with these two teams, it’s not gonna be a blowout. It’s gonna be a helluva game all the way down to the wire.

NewsOne: Talk about that 2007 game. What were some of the major mistakes for the Patriots?

JG: The major mistake was that the Giants got to Brady a lot. He played the game on his back. We had a lot of momentum changes in the game.  We played them all the way through the entire game until that last drive—I think that changed my life. After that game I didn’t sleep at all, because I kept replaying that play.

NewsOne: Do you think there’s more momentum for the Patriots or are people rooting for the Giants?

JG: I know when I played, people loved to hate us because they thought we were too successful. It’s sad because the Giants beat the Patriots this year, but who is the underdog for this Super Bowl? The best team is gonna win. That’s all I can say.


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