Hip-hop hype man and reality star Flavor Flav says that during a brawl at his residence, his daughter, Dayzana Drayton, did not hit him, according to TMZ.

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Reportedly, two of Flavor Flav’s children had been trading blows early Sunday morning. When Flavor Flav tried to intervene, his daughter allegedly clocked him.  It has not been determined whether the strike was intentional or accidental, but when police arrived at the home and interviewed all who were present, they indeed found evidence of domestic violence.

Flavor Flav reportedly tried to plead his daughter’s innocence to police, but his cries fell upon deaf ears.  According to Nevada law, using force or violence against anyone is a crime.  If the alleged victim is a family member, dating partner, or someone you live with, though, then prosecutors will charge the suspect with the crime of battery domestic violence.

Flav tells TMZ:

The whole thing was a big misunderstanding that shouldn’t have happened. No one in my family called the cops on my daughter and she did not beat me up.  I love my daughter and will never let anything happen that could come between us.

Flavor Flav is certainly no stranger to jail time.  Flavor Flav first got arrested when he accidentally set his house on fire as a young kid.  The performer’s subsequent arrests range from robbery and burglary to drug charges to domestic violence to attempted murder to motor vehicle and probation violations, and more.


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