The Iowa school employee was placed on leave.


The coincidence of first lady Jill Biden inviting a majority white runner-up team signifies white privilege.

An Iowa school didn't protect a Black middle school student from racial harassment.

A GoFundMe for Pieper Lewis, 17, has soared to help her pay $150,000 to the family of her rapist.


Ross Wilburn, the first Black chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, received such violent and threatening hate from Trump cultists after penning an op-ed he had to beef up security for himself and his staff.

Good News

Iowa’s Johnson County was renamed after Black educator and historian Lulu Merle Johnson.


Guess his seat became too sunken.

The rapper has turned some political heads.

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Migos accused Delta Air Lines of racial profiling after they were booted off of a flight while in route to a concert in Iowa.

Scott Michael Greene was identified as the suspect in the fatal shootings and was considered armed and dangerous before being captured late Wednesday morning, writes the news outlet.

As Black people, we are expected to consume these personal, violent attacks like we digest cake. We are told that we cannot act if someone decides to be ruthless, violent and trifling. As violence begets violence against us, we are continually told and showed that it is not fine to simply be.