Is opposition to DEI programs unrelated to racism? Or does racism play an important role in opposition to DEI programs?

Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik was laughed at by students at Indiana University after she failed to define the word "wokeness."

Utah state Rep., Phil Lyman, reposted a social media post implying that a Black woman Maryland Port Commissioner is a DEI hire responsible for the Key Bridge collapsing in Baltimore.

Andrew Bailey is accused of "racial bias."

Lawmakers also passed a "voter suppression" bill.

Republican Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt blocked promoting a highly decorated Air Force officer because the veteran once called out systemic racism.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz decried a "diversity development fund" to help filmmakers who are people of color.

Self-hatred is deep in this one.

Florida welcomed back failed presidential candidate Ron DeSantis by moving forward with his plans to destroy diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at the state's public colleges.

Right-wing mouthpieces took to social media calling Gay a diversity hire and using the moment to bash affirmative action.


When a DEI statement isn’t enough.