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By Bankole Thompson, Editor, Michigan Chronicle

Tuesday afternoon, the majority of the Detroit City Council did not show up for a critical 1 p.m. meeting. What does that say about the council’s sense of responsibility to the city?

And when a city begins to weigh whether to close all recreation centers where our children find recreation, that city has really hit rock bottom.

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You begin to wonder about those leaders who say they believe in the future of our children, yet want to close centers that provide an environment for children to find a sense of belonging in their city.

Maybe such a decision once decided upon will be a warning signal for parents to move out of the city because Detroit will be tagged as “the city with no recreation outlets for children.”

And that is where Detroit is in its present state, where the city council — the legislative body that is supposed to be the conscience of local government — is considering closing all recreation centers in the name of saving millions of dollars in helping address a ballooning budget deficit.

The council signaled last week that it could close… READ MORE AT THE MICHIGAN CHRONICLE!


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