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Rudolpho Marquez, Richard Reyes and Cesar Cruz make for a most unlikely car pool. They are all former gang rivals who have spent hard time in prison. But they’ve put the past behind them for common goals: jobs and their families.

“It’s a lesson in that you don’t have to kill your neighbors,” said Reyes, who spent the last decade in and out of prison for an array of drug offenses. “It don’t matter where you come from, what background you come from. We are all humans, and we should learn to live together.”

Marquez chimed in, “We treat each other like normal human beings now. We get along great. We socialize.”

The three men are part of a solar-installation program paid for by Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that works with former gang members and others who have spent time in prison to put them to work.

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