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Since Beyoncégave birth to her baby girl, the name Blue Ivy has become ubiquitous. After two people applied to trademark Blue Ivy’s name for themselves, the Carter-Knowles family filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect the name, according to the Washington Post.


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Last week, the Washington Post hinted that the stars might have received preferential treatment with their trademark application, although the Trademark Office shot down any wrongdoing. An administrator from the office reportedly told the Post that some names that are filed are typically anticipated, which arms the agency against imposters looking to cash in on quick bucks.

Further, the Post report stated that Beyoncé’s company, BGK Holdings, would hold the rights to the name. The trademark is reportedly being reserved for a series of baby-related items, such as carriages, cosmetics, accessories, and a possible fashion line. Still, the name isn’t unique to the world of business, as a Wisconsin clothing store is also named “Blue Ivy.” A pure coincidence, the store opened in early 2011.


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