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I can count on one hand how many non-black men I’ve dated inside the United States.


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But now that I’m living abroad, I might need your fingers, Clutchettes. After studying abroad in Europe, and now, living in Brasil, I’ve had the opportunity to explore my options as a single woman. In my adult years, I’ve never been closed off to dating non-black men in the United States. But I also have not been pro-active in being open to those experiences. Thanks to the romantic aura of wanderlust, plus some all-shades-of-beautiful men, it seems like living outside of America has officially made me an equal opportunity dater.

“I’ve dated interracially for years now and it’s just not a big deal for me. I find men of all colors, creeds, and walks of life attractive, and don’t limit myself to Oneika Raymond dating one particular race,” says avid traveler . “I am currently dating a white European guy, but before that was involved with a black man from the Caribbean. That being said, I have seen a lot more interracial couples outside of North America, particularly in London, where I live. I’ve seen way more black girl/white guy pairings here than anywhere else I’ve ever traveled.”

I have to admit. I found my experiences studying abroad in London to be the same, and in several other parts of Europe. Black women are enjoying relationships with men of many hues. And it seems like our interracial dating prospects are far more open. It’s one thing to be sought after as purely an exotic representation of black beauty and potential sexual commodity. But it’s another thing to be admired for our physical exquisiteness, multifaceted cultures, powerful intellect, and unique personalities. Black women are being loved as multidimensional human beings abroad and by more than just our brothas.

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