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Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is getting his Johnson back and it’s making headlines.  Johnson just happens to be Chad’s actual last name which was changed to Ochocinco back in 2008 when he was a Cincinnati Bengal.  Now the TV reality star wants to drop the Latino-sounding name that has brought him loads of recognition outside of the football playing field, according to TMZ.

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The main reason why the recent Super Bowl XLVI player wants the name change is because he is marrying VH1’s Basketball Wives villainess, Evelyn Lozada.  Chad has stated that he does not want his wife-to-be to have a made up name, so he is switching back to his birth name by July 4 of this year.

The Ochocinco name is a combination of two numbers in Spanish, ocho, which means eight, and cinco, which means five.  Chad changed his name in the attention grabbing move in order to brand himself as a star player.

Although the 33-year-old had already made a name for himself as Chad Johnson when he signed on for the mega hit show Dancing With the Stars his popularity skyrocketed. Chad won the hearts of swarms of women across America before being eliminated from the top four competitors in the final round.

Chad has been criticized recently for his absolute worst NFL season ever, with 15 catches, 276 yards and only one touchdown.


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