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On Thursday, a judge mandated  that R&B singer Chris Brown continue to be monitored by his probation officer for his highly publicized 2009 beat-down of then-girlfriend Rihanna, reports the Associated Press.

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The Grammy Award-nominated performer did not attend the hearing, but his lawyer requested that his supervised probation be ended based on his exemplary behavior over the last two years.

Despite the lawyer’s plea, Superior Court Judge George Lomeli decided that although Brown is complying with his terms of his sentence, he should still continue to report to his probation officer, who is based in his hometown of Virginia.

Reportedly, Brown’s probation officer has been giving him high marks across the board and has commended him for being forthright, dependable, and passing all of the required drug testing.  The 22-year-old songwriter and actor even made an impressive comeback, winning favor among his fans with a chart-topping album release, “F.A.M.E.,” last year.

Although Brown seems to have been making a concerted effort to keep his image squeaky clean over the last few months, early last year, he behaved more like a circus animal.  During his album promotion on “Good Morning America” (GMA), after Robin Roberts inquired about his felony assault case and about the legal entanglements surrounding it, Brown chose to ignore them and kept circling back to his latest music project.
It was reported that after the Roberts interview, Brown stormed off the set, ripped his shirt, went in to a dressing room, yelled, and smashed a window.   In what appeared to be a staged apology on BET’s “106 & Park,” Brown was pushed back to square one and his efforts to regain his popularity were smudged by his antics.
After his “GMA” performance was met by harsh criticism and cold shoulders, Brown maintained a low profile, trying to stay out of public scrutiny.
To date, Brown has met all of his court requirements, such as completing a yearlong domestic violence program and anger management classes.  He is three months into his half-a-year mandated roadside cleanup, graffiti removal duties, and other manual labor-oriented tasks.
Last year, Rihanna agreed to allow the restraining order keeping Brown away from her to be softened, even though she was beaten and bloodied to the point of being unable to perform at the 2009 Grammy Awards.  Now there are even reports that the former battling duo have been not only speaking to each other via phone but texting and Iming too.
Ironically, both Rihanna and Brown will be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards, which is the event the ex-couple were en route to when Brown abused Rihanna  three years ago.
Another progress hearing for Brown is scheduled for July 30.


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