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Atlanta actress and singer Ne-Yo’s girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, has agreed to “adopt” 48 children in the African nation of Swaziland, reports TMZ.

The  children will not be living with Shaw in the United States, but she will be paying for their costs for an entire year, which equals to a $20,000 commitment. When the calculations are complete, the care for the 48 children will cost $30 a month and equal to $17,280 per year.

Shaw was asked by Football Wives celebreality star Chanita Foster, founder of the charity called Beyond the Game which provides children in Swaziland with food, clothes, and education, to donate to her cause. After Shaw saw the children in the charity’s brochure, she “fell in love” with them, reports TMZ.

Neyo and Monyetta are the proud parents are daughter, Madilyn Grace, 1, and son, Mason Evan.

Chanita Foster and orphans in Swaziland Africa


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