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Naketa Leiba, 17, the college-bound teen who vanished almost two weeks ago, has been found by detectives at a friend’s apartment in Miramar, Florida, reports the Huffington Post.

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As previously reported by Newsone, Leiba, who usually takes the bus home from her South Broward High School or makes the 25 minute walk by herself, called her mother, Sharon Leiba, for a ride on Wednesday, February 1.  When her mother told her that she could not leave work immediately, Naketa decided to walk home — she never made it.

Her mother told NBCMiami that her last conversation with Naketa was unusual:

I called at about 4:20, and she said ‘Oh, mom, I’m on the way,’And when I heard ‘on the way,’ I heard a crackle or something and then her phone went dead.”

Volunteers and police searched far and wide for the teen, with her family insisting that she was not the type of girl to run away. Naketa’s father, Michael Leiba, who said that he hadn’t been able to eat or sleep since his daughter disappeared, told CBS Miami that the circumstances in which Neketa was found do not lean to her having run away:

There’s no evidence, where are the phone records to show that she was corresponding with that friend. There’s no evidence to show that she was with that friend. She was found in a home with no lights. An 18-year old kid, I don’t know how she pays her bills. So there’s no evidence that she ran away.”

CBSMiami reports that Neketa gave a sworn statement that she ran away, and had not been coerced or held against her will.


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