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Model, actress, and radio personality Claudia Jordan was attacked by a woman at an L.A. Grammy after-party that was held in honor of rapper Drake, according to TMZ.


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Jordan, who was the co-host of Jamie Foxx‘s radio show “The Foxxhole” on Sirius, was allegedly punched in the head by an unnamed woman as she was mingling with other party invitees.  Jordan is claiming that the attack was unprovoked and that she was totally oblivious to the assailant until she began noticing penetrating and seemingly angry stares that were being cast her way by a woman.

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Reportedly, the suspect had been involved with Jordan’s ex-husband, actor, producer, and male model Daturi Turner, whom she split from just three months after tying the knot.

Jordan, a “Celebrity Apprentice” alum, had her nuptials annulled, claiming that her husband misrepresented himself and cited fraud as the grounds for their dissolution as a couple.  Jordan also claimed that her husband maintained a relationship with a girlfriend throughout their relationship.

Jordan, who says she has not maintained contact with her ex since their annulment battle two years ago, thinks she was attacked because the woman blames her for the breakup she had with Turner.   Security at the Greystone Manor, where the celebration was held, escorted the assailant off the premises.

Meanwhile, Jordan has filed a report with the Los Angeles police department against the woman and sought medical assistance for her head and neck at a hospital.