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The bizarre case of Nigerian would-be bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (pictured) and his halted attempt to bring down a plane in Amsterdam heading to Detroit via explosives in his underwear will hit its zenith this Thursday. Abdulmutallab faces a mandatory life sentence, but a legal adviser speaking on his behalf calls the sentencing excessive, reports Detroit News.

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Adviser Anthony Chambers wrote, “It is fair to say that the mandatory minimum sentence of life is excessive and grossly disproportionate to the conduct.”

Chambers’ position is that since the 2009 Christmas plot was not carried to completion and no one was harmed, Abdulmutallab should see less jail time.  Chambers further said the proposed sentence is unconstitutional and could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Although Abdulmutallab pleaded guilty in the case and served as his own attorney, he has alleged that court-appointed attorneys employed to defend his case lied and misled him. Do you think his sentence should be shortened?


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