Bobby Brown is “extremely disappointed” that several of Whitney Houston’s family members do not want him to attend her funeral, reports TMZ.

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Family members have allegedly told Brown to stay away from Houston’s funeral because they are not fond of him.

TMZ is quick to clarify that there has been no “official” word.

Brown is hoping to attend the funeral so that he can support his daughter Bobbi Kristina, 19, who was rushed to the hospital twice in the hours and days following her mother’s death at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11, 2011. Allegedly the teen was struggling with depression and anxiety.

Brown and Houston were married for 14 years. It ended in 2007 just as tumultuously at it began, with both stars still struggling with drug abuse and their shared history of domestic violence. Though fans of Houst0n are quick to point the finger at Brown for her downward spiral, in his 2008 biography, The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But …. he made it clear that Whitney was far more in control than most people believed:

I mean, I’m guilty of getting upset and flying off the handle a little,” Brown said of the alleged domestic abuse incident for which he was arrested in 2003. “I was known to throw a bottle or two at a wall or something. Things that I’d regret, I would be responsible for cleaning up or having the wall repaired. What people fail to realize is that Whitney is no punk. She definitely knows how to handle and defend herself in situations that could have potentially been violent. Some of the stories in the media made me out to be like Ike Turner, when that wasn’t my character.”

And their famed co-dependent drug abuse?

I never used cocaine until after I met Whitney. Before then, I had experimented with other drugs, but marijuana was my drug of choice.”

Whitney seemed to confirm Bobby’s spin on their relationship in a 1993 Rolling Stone interview:

When you love, you love. I mean, do you stop loving somebody because you have different images? You know, Bobby and I basically come from the same place. You see somebody, and you deal with their image, that’s their image. It’s part of them, it’s not the whole picture. I am not always in a sequined gown. I am nobody’s angel. I can get down and dirty. I can get raunchy.”

Even with their bittersweet, unhealthy history, when Brown received word of Houston’s death while on tour with New Edition in Southhaven, Mississippi, he gave his ex-wife a spontaneous tribute before allegedly lapsing in and out of “uncontrollable crying fits”:

First of all, I want to tell you that I love you all. Second, I would like to say, I love you Whitney. The hardest thing for me to do is to come on this stage.”

Hopefully, an amicable resolution will be reached, at least for Bobbi Kristina’s sake.


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