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Although the divorce proceedings and property settlement between basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his former video vixen wife Vanessa Bryant has dominated the headlines since December, love was in the air last night for the pair, after a Los Angeles Lakers win over the Atlanta Hawks. After the game, Bryant was seen planting a big kiss on Vanessa while walking to the locker room, according to TMZ.

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Tuesday night, photos of the moment were taken, with many wondering if the Bryants are on their way to reconciling their broken marriage. In the pictures, Vanessa can also be seen cheering her husband’s team on and wearing an appropriate red dress to boot. The photo of the kiss was similar to happier times between the couple, as Vanessa would often greet her husband after games with their two daughters in tow.

Filing for divorce back in December, sources said Vanessa Bryant had caught wind of Kobe being unfaithful over time and reached a breaking point. Even though Kobe signed the divorce papers, sources said that Kobe was desperately hoping to save the couple’s 10-year marriage.

As part of the divorce settlement, Kobe lost the property rights to three Newport Beach homes, although the actual divorce doesn’t finalize until this summer.

Will Vanessa take Kobe back and withdraw the divorce papers? Time will tell.

See the pictures of last night’s love fest at TMZ.

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