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Too Short says his “advice” video was supposed to be a joke, but that it ended up going viral in ways he never imagined, according to HipHopdx.


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Here is a snippet of what Too Short had to say about the video’s backlash in an extended interview:

Just on this last run out to New York doing some media – We had actually done the whole XXL visit, the interview was done and I didn’t exactly know what it was for but it was just asked like … It all stemmed from something about 2 Chainz has a song on I think, a Rick Ross mixtape and – I don’t know if I’m saying this right because I haven’t really heard the song myself, I just keep hearing about it, but the song I think it’s called “Fuck ‘Em,” and in the song 2 Chainz has a line, he says his dad wasn’t around, his father figure was Too Short. So people started tweeting that to me, and I guess it had been on Twitter a lot and one of the guys in the interview, they’re like, “Man, can we get you on camera [saying] what would Too Short’s advice be to the [kids]?” Like, if I had a son or something, what would Too Short [say to him], some like bad advice. … So it was supposed to be a joke. It was supposed to be in that nature, but I’m assuming that – I never even really saw what all they put out, like what exactly was the footage that pissed everybody off. ‘Cause I just keep reading the one quote about Too Short wants to molest little girls or some shit. But, I guess it woulda been better if they woulda set it up right. I didn’t know what it was for; I figured it was in that context of comedy, but it seems like it went out as a matter-of-fact statement.

Do you think Too Short is sincere? Check out the full interview at hiphopdx.


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