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Jean Davis, 75, has become infamous for owing the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey over $120,000 in unpaid tolls and accumulated fines, garnering her the distinction of private motorist with the most Port Authority debt. There’s just one small catch. The culprit is actually her son, Peter Davis, 52, a recovering addict who admits that he used to blow through the toll booth at the George Washington Bridge several times a week, reports the New York Post.

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“I used to take her car to the city to buy drugs,” said Peter, who lives with his mother in Englewood, New Jersey.

Peter revealed exclusively to The Post that he took his mother’s Ford Focus through tolls on numerous trips to get high. He also admitted that he always knew that his mother would get in trouble:

“I knew it was inevitable. I knew there would be consequences sooner or later,” he said. “When you’re addicted like that you don’t think of the consequences. You have other things on your mind.”

Davis’ official bill includes $21, 635 in unpaid poll and an additional $102, 141 in fines. She claims that she reached an agreement with the Port Authority in 2005 but Peter continued with ignoring the toll, not stopping until his license was suspected in 2008 or 2009, reports the Post.

“The ones that are owed now, I’m simply not able to pay,” said his mother. “It’s something that’s owed and it rankles me because it is in my name. I don’t need this aggravation; I’m aggravated enough by the fact he did it. If he pays them then good for him, but I can’t do that.”

Of the 37 companies and individuals inducted into the PA’s Hall of Shame, Davis is the top private motorist, and she is not happy about it.

“If I could have killed him and gotten away with it, I would have,” the angry mother said.


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