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An Atlanta event promoter charged with fatally shooting rapper Dolla at the Beverly Center pleaded not guilty today to murder and two counts of assault.

Aubrey Louis Berry, 23, is accused of gunning down Roderick Anthony Burton II, known professionally as Dolla, and shooting at two other people in the Atlanta rapper’s entourage Monday in the valet area of the popular Westside mall.

Authorities allege that Berry, who had an altercation with Burton at an Atlanta strip club this month, fired at Burton, 21, and two people who were with him. Berry, who fled the scene hours after the shooting, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport with the purported murder weapon tucked in this waistband.

Berry’s attorney, Howard R. Price, said his client did shoot the rapper but in self-defense.

“At worst it’s a manslaughter case, at best it’s a case of self-defense,” he told The Times this week.

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On May 13th, Aubrey Berry went to Platinum 21 (a strip club in Atlanta).  Dolla was with his immediate affiliates (Mansfeild Crips – Gang), and was pursuing the same girl Aubrey was dancing with, which led to a verbal dispute.

Dolla and about 5-7 affiliates rushed toward Mr. Berry and began to jump on him by himself. Aubrey covered his face as much as possible and fell to the ground. It wasn’t long before the bouncers started clearing everyone out. Dolla and his friends started taunting Aubrey Berry with Crip gang signs and blue rags.

The cops escorted Mr. Berry to his car so he could get to safety. Next Saturday afternoon, Aubrey Berry left the gym early to go meet with a club owner in LA. He went to PF Changs in at the Beverly Center, Monday with his point of contact in LA to discuss this party.  Dolla walked in with 3 of his crip gang members and started to eyeball Aubrey and taunted him, saying  “your on our turf now.”

Dolla got on the phone and called for backup, and within 3 minutes the restaurant was filled with the Mansfeild Crip gang members ready to kill Aubrey Berry. Mr. Berry quickly rushed out of the restaurant, scarred for his life as they followed close behind him. Dolla and 3 other gang members approached Aubrey and said “we are going to kill you.” Mr. Berry was able to remove his 9mm from his holster before the others and get a close shot at Dolla, unfortunately he was to close to aim anywhere else but his head.

Aubrey felt his life was threatened by gang members, so he protected himself. I confirmed with other gang members that Dolla was going to kill Aubrey Berry, so he can get a higher rank in the street gang notoriously known as the Mansfeild Crips. This was an act of self defense and the LAPD is going to withhold the evidence. They wont release the video tapes to Aubrey’s Lawyer nor will they investigate the gang violence.

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SOURCE: L.A. Times, Elites TV | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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