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Conservative pundits are putting the Obamas over the coals for the number of family vacations they have taken. Reportedly, the Obamas have traveled 16 times in the three years they’ve been in the White House, and Republican and conservative naysayers are lambasting the reported costs of the trips, even though Obama’s predecessor, former President George W. Bush, took far more vacation days with his family.

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On Monday, the Washington Examiner reported the number of vacations the First Family has taken since 2009, mentioning that Bush himself took 30 such trips during his third year in office. The Examiner’s take on Bush’s vacations were that they happened stateside at his ranch in Texas whereas the Obamas’ trips have traipsed the globe.

The Examiner further alleges that critics on both sides of the aisle are not happy with the extravagant spending the Obamas have done on vacationing to public vacation areas in comparison to Bush doing smaller scale jaunts on his own property. They also claim that it is a greater cost to the public, when the Obamas travel publicly. The piece also mentioned a Hawaii Reporter article that said the Obamas’ Christmas vacation last year cost more than $1 million.

It is curious that the piece fails to mention the times Bush has taken vacations during times of peril, all while waging a war overseas as an absent commander-in-chief.