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The Queens World Film Festival will open next week March 1st and showcase a group of films that is as diverse as the borough of Queens, New York.

Among the films that will screen are “The Woods,” which was the only movie funded by the social networking fund raiser site, Kickstarter to make the Sundace Film Festival. The movie tells the story of a group of modern, technology addicted students who have a trip to the woods.

Another movie being showcased comes from the independent cult movie factory film company, Troma, the creator of the “Toxic Avenger” series. The movie is “Mr. Bricks” and is a heavy metal murder mystery.

Another music based movie premiering at the Queens World Film Festival is “Chicken And Beef Presents: Monkey Gang, The Mockumentary.” The movie is a parody of the glorification of negativity that occurs in a lot of corporate sponsored rap groups.

Several other short films will also be showcased at the Queens World Film Festival. The festival has organized these films into blocks, including “Occupy This,” “Mostly For And By Youth” and “Don’t Stop The Music.”

With a wide range of films from all parts of the cultural spectrum of the world, the Queens World Film Festival reflects the growing diversity of Queens and the cultures that inhabit it.

For more information on the Queens World Film Festival click here.