Janet Hubert, the beloved original “Aunt Viv” on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has had enough of talk show host Wendy Williams’ emotional show over her favorite target, Whitney Houston. The acclaimed actress has written an open letter calling Williams on her hypocrisy reports

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In 2003, Williams and Houston had an intense argument over Whitney’s drug abuse, finances and Williams’ incessant need to insult the legend at every turn.

But when Houston died on February 11, 2012, in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Williams was the first to cry huge crocodile tears on her show and talk about how much she loved her.

Hubert isn’t buying it though. In an open letter to Wendy Williams, she calls her out for tearing down her sisters when she should be building them up, urging her to “do better.”

Dear Wendy,

This past weekend was a very difficult time for so many of us.

Though I never knew Whitney Houston, I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness. On Sunday morning I took my dog for a walk in the park across the street and still could not shake the sadness I felt. I wondered if what I was feeling was perhaps related to losing my mother and brother this past year, but then I thought no, it was something else.

I watched the funeral service with the rest of the world, and cried time and time again with each story that was told. I felt like I knew more about this amazing woman than ever before. We all watched her as a little girl, center stage, singing like a bird, she was destined for superstardom. To watch her center stage full circle in death was a feeling no mother should ever have to feel. I applaud Ms. Warwick, the pastor, and all others who formed a police line of love and protection around her that was impenetrable only to those who really knew her. We, the public accepted their decision to keep it private, but they allowed us to witness her Home Going ceremony, I don’t know if I could have been so gracious. WE felt like we knew her and we knew nothing about her except what we read and hear from people like you and other media outlets. I listened to her interview with you and was compelled to say out loud. “Go on Whitney tell her like it is,” when you pried into her life back then. I had my son in the same year as Ms. Houston; we did Ebony Magazine that same year, she introducing her baby girl and me my son. I am trying to be dignified, but here goes.

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