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Terrence Howard was ordered to hand over $50,000 to his soon-to-be ex-wife so that she can maintain her lavish lifestyle until they meet again in court in April, according to TMZ.

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Michelle Ghent Howard (pictured), 34, whom Terrance has referred to as “an evil racist,” was mandated to give Michelle the big bucks so that she can take care of the following:

— $10k for rent, food and incidentals

— $20k for legal bills

— $20k for accountant’s fees

— $1,800 per month for Range Rover car payments

In one of Hollywood’s nastiest divorces, the “Red Tails” co-star has not hidden the fact that he literally hates his wife.  Terrance has claimed that Michelle has referred to him as the N-word and a monkey, tried to extort money from him, and made death threats by saying that she would have him “clipped” by “the Russians.”

He also said that Michelle attacked him twice with a bottle in a jealous rage for conversing with females. In retaliation, Terrence, 42, took out a restraining order against Michelle last December.

But Terrence hasn’t always been the “victim.”

Back in 2001, Terrence was accused of breaking in to first wife Lori McComma‘s home during their separation period and then chasing and punching her in the face twice with a closed fist.  Terrence was arrested for charges related to a violent attack on his estranged wife, including simple assault, terrorist threats, harassment, and stalking.

As for his second wife, the couple got hitched back in May 2010, and at the time, an insider told Us Magazine that Terrence was head over heels in love with Michelle, “She’s a great, down-to-earth girl who really understands and loves him for him.  He feels so lucky.”

Terrence, who has three children after his 14-year marriage with Lori, also accuses Michelle of saying that she “never wanted to be a step-mother to n**ger children.”

Go figure.