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Damian Haney, 39, an Atlanta area bus driver stabbed while trying to break up a fight on his bus, has been suspended because he didn’t follow “protocol,” reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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Taniesha Nicole Twyne, 21, has been charged with “aggravated battery and theft by conversion,” according to the Cobb County Sheriff’s office, for stabbing Haney with a pen after he intervened in an argument over a cell phone.

Haney, who is a Cobb County Transit driver, employed by Veolia Transportation, was subsequently suspended without pay because he did not stay seated and call CCT dispatch, who then would have called 911, said spokeswoman AikWah Leow.

The fight broke out when Twyne allegedly borrowed a cell phone from a male passenger, then refused to return it. When Haney intervened, Twyne pulled out a knife, which was quickly taken by other passengers. That was when she grabbed a pen from Haney’s shirt pocket and stabbed him repeatedly in the face, reports the AJC.

“In the last 10 years, no incident of this kind has happened,” the Cobb County spokeswoman said.


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