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Police have ID’d a suspect in the accidental shooting of 8-year-old Armando Bigo, The New York Daily News reports.

The Daily News added that the suspect is a member of a gang that has had a on-going beef with a rival gang. For new developments on this story, visit the Daily News at the link above.


An eight-year-old boy survived a stray bullet shooting while in a corner store in The Bronx, NBC New York 4 reports.


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Armando Bigo (the small boy pictured holding his shoulder) was standing in the store with his mother when a random bullet hit him in the left shoulder. Police say the boy was not a target. He is recovering in a local hospital. The shooting of little Armando is just one of several recent shootings that have involved young children nationwide. Last week, a 9-month-old baby was shot dead in Detroit, making it the second child to die by gunfire in the Motor City this year.

New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly says that 94 percent of shooting victims in the city from last year were black or Latino.

A television report from NBC New York 4 on this story is below.

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