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Who ever thought that Ron Paul would show his face at a black church in Detroit, of all places?


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Well, he did and the congregation of historically black Little Rock Baptist Church gave him four standing ovations, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Here is a snippet of what he said to the crowd of 500 yesterday:

Paul outlined his plan to overhaul U.S. economic and foreign policies, ensure all Americans can become prosperous and end racism and overwhelming regulation.

Paul said states should be making more of their own decisions, that some drug sentencing needs to be relaxed and the Patriot Act (“I don’t think it would’ve passed if it was called the Repeal the Fourth Amendment Act.”) needs to be re-examined.

“I’m a great defender of liberty,” he explained. “If you understand liberty, it should be bringing people together.”

You can check out the rest of the story at the Detroit Free Press. But there is a catch to the 500 people who were at the mostly black church: Most of the crowd was reportedly white.

Go figure!

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