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I got a chance to test drive Lincoln’s all new MKZ Hybrid Luxury Vehicle all around New York City. To be honest, I’ve never driven a Lincoln before and I always thought the brand was for, how do I say it, the generation ahead of mine. I will say, the style and perks with the all new MKZ were a pleasant surprise. See my thoughts below.



I was very intrigued by the style of the MKZ. It is slightly aggressive, yet refined. It also has “the car next door” look to it which means it is slightly unassuming. I think the style fits quite nicely because you don’t reek of pretentiousness after you open the car door to step out. One is also pleasantly surprised when he takes a peek inside to find leather seats and a smartly laid out dash.

“Smart Gauge”

This really came in handy as I drove around. It’s almost like an app for making sure you are being as fuel efficient as possible at all times. It literally delivers real time information on how much electricity vs fuel you are using. I could take a quick glance at the dashboard and make certain decisions based on that information to help ease the pain the next time I went to the gas station.


Fuel Efficiency

41 MPG! I didn’t try my luck and drive all the gas out – but I believe that number. After driving for a while I never felt anxious about how much fuel was left. If anything, I started to get maniacal about checking how much energy I was saving over on the battery meter on the Smart Gauge. This is a huge factor and can’t be understated especially with gas hitting around 4 bucks a gallon.


Not a huge amount to say here other than the fact that I really liked how simple it was to sync my mobile device to the car. I also synced my music and contacts to the car’s onboard memory and I could immediately call the last person who called me or who I had called. I could dial anyone I needed to or command my playlists – all via voice control.

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