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By Keosha Johnson

A Pressley is currently shaping history, and it’s not Elvis.


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It’s Ayanna Pressley who was recently elected to the Boston City Council in its 101-year history. She won the seat in 2009 and has made waves in the local community for her work on sexual education, women’s issues, job creation, and street violence. For Pressley, these kind of issues are personal as she has experienced many ups and downs in her life that would later culminate into a promising career in politics.

Pressley grew up in a poor section of Chicago. She was raised by her mother. Her father was a drug addict who spent most of her childhood in jail (he has since gotten clean and now teaches at the college level).

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Although she and her mother lived a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, her mother still managed to send her to private school, where she thrived. She was voted most likely to be mayor of Chicago in high school, and also held several leadership positions there.

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