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The son of the late soul crooner Marvin Gaye and songwriter, composer, and part of the Motown dynasty Anna Gordy Gaye (both pictured in background) is desperately seeking a kidney donor, reports The Transplantation Society.

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Marvin Gaye III (pictured in cap) suffered kidney failure or renal failure, which was brought on by diabetes, two years ago.  Renal failure can be fatal within a few years of the initial failure if the patient does not receive a donor.

Now Gaye is making a plea for a kidney donor who is compatible with him and has gone on various social and media outlets seeking individuals who will give him the gift of life.

The 45-year-old musician, who was working on a debut album of his father’s legendary songs before he took ill, has family roots that stirred up quite a bit of scandal before he was conceived.  Reportedly Marvin Sr. and Anna had an age difference of 17 years, with Marvin Sr. being only 21 and Anna being 38 when they began dating back in 1961.  The pair eventually tied the knot three years later.

Unfortunately, the marriage hit the skids from the start.  Marvin was a rebel, who reportedly felt ostracized by the controlling Gordy family, so he refused to comply with a few of the clan’s priority demands, such as attending an artist-grooming school that his wife founded so that the company’s talent would know about social graces and how to properly conduct themselves publicly.

Marvin Sr.’s strict Seventh Day Adventist religious teachings also clashed with the Gordy clan’s more liberal approaches to life.  Rumor has it that the Gordy family actually arranged for Marvin to initially have a child with one of their younger relatives, Denise Gordy, who was 16 at the time, because Anna could not have children.

Marvin was reportedly hesitant at first, but according to the rumor, he was soon forced to comply by the ever-powerful in-laws.  Marvin Gaye III was born in November 17, 1965, and he was allegedly adopted by Anna not long after.  The couple continued to battle throughout their ensuing years together.  There were tons of infidelity rumors on both parts and whispers of violent arguments within the marriage.  The couple finally divorced in 1977, but not after a lengthy and nasty court battle.

Ironically, even after all of the turmoil that occurred in the couple’s ill-fated marriage, Anna and Marvin reportedly kept seeing each other romantically on and off until his untimely death in 1984.

The Gordy family has never revealed or confirmed any of the speculations surrounding the birth of Marvin Gaye III.

Now the younger Marvin has put out an urgent call for matching kidney donors who must meet certain criteria.  The donors cannot have hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, be drug users, or have a family history of kidney problems or failure.  Marvin is also assuring any potential candidate that being a kidney donor will not adversely affect their health; many people have one kidney and don’t know it until an X-ray or an MRI shows it.

Present day kidney surgery simply involves removing the kidney through the belly button via laser. Kidney donation can be done with either a live or deceased person.

If you would like to donate one of your kidneys to Marvin Gaye III, please call his transplant coordinator, Jean Santos, at UCLA at (310) 794-3419, or you can also send an e-mail to