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While the Republicans keep on trying to paint Barack Obama as an elitist and ally themselves with working class people like Joe ‘Six Pack’ and Joe the Plumber, their clothes tell a different story. In the RNC Cindy McCain had an outfit worth $313,000, more than Joe the Plumber would earn in a year if he followed his dream and bought the plumbing business. In terms of fashion opulence, the hockey mom from Alaska, Sarah Palin is not far behind.

The RNC has spent $150,000 on clothes for Sarah Palin since she has named as McCain’s running mate. That means she has had a $18,000 budget for clothes a week. Much of that money went to Saks 5th Avenue and Nieman Marcus, including a $2,500 Jacket by Valentino Garavani.

In contrast, Access Hollywood has released new footage of their visit to the Obama household on July 4th. In the video, Michelle Obama proudly admits shopping at the Gap and admits that her dress cost about $30.

Would Joe the Plumber’s wife or Joe 6 pack’s wife be able to afford $18,000 a week for his wife’s clothes. Most Americans are more in line with Michelle Obama, shopping at the Gap, than with Sarah Palin shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue.

In fact the highest paid staffer on the campaign on the McCain campaign for the first half of October was a Palin’s stylist. It seems as if the McCain campaign is going with style over substance. Wouldn’t it have been a better move to pay a political science professor to tutor her in world affairs or government matters?

By contrast, Michelle Obama, after being thrust into the national spotlight, has retained her spendthrift ways. She wore a $128 dollar outfit on the View and a $30 dress from the GAP on Access Hollywood. When asked about Sarah Palin’s excessive, expensive wardrobe, McCain said ‘She needed clothes.’ Many Americans need clothes but most of us cannot afford the excess and opulence of $150,00 dollars worth of clothes from Saks Fith Avenue and Nieman Marcus. Most Americans get their clothes from Old Navy, the GAP, Marshalls, H&M and TJ Max.

If the McCain camp was smart they would’ve used Michelle Obama as Palin’s stylist  to spend $30 to $150  for her outfits and use the rest of the $150,000 dollars on badly needed tutors on foreign policy and domestic affairs for Palin.

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