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I’m mad that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are able to continue to make former NFL star Michael Vick bow and kiss the ring. Not only were these bozos the main force behind Vick’s imprisonment for dog-fighting, but they’ve gone on record as promising to be boisterously hostile towards Vick’s reinstatement in the NFL and recently they’ve suggested that Vick may be a “psychopath”.

The dynamic Vick, a dual running and passing threat for the Atlanta Falcons that led his team to within one game of the Superbowl in 2005, was released from prison on May 20th after serving 20 months in the bing for the previously mentioned violation.

Now, I’m not a big fan of dog-fighting. I think it takes a weird psyche to enjoy watching animals tear each other to pieces. On another note though, I’m a big fan of boxing so, go figure. My issue however, with the whole Vick thing has been from the beginning that the dogs he was accused of allowing to fight were his dogs. It wasn’t as if he’d borrowed a neighbor’s dog and returned it all chewed up. The property that was damaged was all his own and if a man can’t do what he wants to with his own property, perhaps we should reconsider the idea of pet ownership.

And of course, there’s my innate hatred for PETA. I mean these guys ain’t Jews, Blacks or Homosexuals, why should anybody hafta fear them? They do crazy stuff like throwing red paint on people that wear fur, running the risk of the paint getting into someone’s eye or windpipe, making themselves about as logical as the folks that kill abortion doctors. The hardest these cowards came at moose-killing Sarah Palin was to throw virtual snowballs at her.

Why are they allowed to shot-call with Mike Vick’s career?