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The exorbitant prices for popcorn, soda and candy at the movies fueled Michigan resident Joshua Thompson to file a class action lawsuit against his local AMC Theater.  The 20-something’s buttons were pushed when his movie house did not allow him to bring in his own supply of soda and candy which is an alleged violation of his state’s Consumer Protection Act, reports the Detroit Free Press.

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The security technician just reached the end of his rope and felt his legal move might just strong-arm theater owners into lowering the prices of the foods at the concessions.  “He got tired of being taken advantage of,” said Thompson’s lawyer, Kerry Morgan of Wyandotte. “It’s hard to justify prices that are three- and four-times higher than anywhere else.”

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The document states that Thompson, on December 26, paid $8 for a Coke and a pack of Goobers which are chocolate covered peanuts.  The plaintiff claims that the exact same items cost him $2.73 at a fast food chain and a drug store.

Both AMC and the the National Association of Theatre Owners declined the paper’s request for comment.

The suit contends that the AMC chain is in direct violation of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act by charging grossly excessive prices for snacks.  Thompson is seeking refunds for customers who were overcharged and any other civil penalties that the judge is willing to grant.

Thompson’s lawsuit is quickly winning nods of approval by theater-goers who can sympathize with him and who also abhor doling out the big bucks for overpriced theater snacks.  However there are some legal experts who think Thompson will be on the losing end of the lawsuit.

Ian Lyngklip, a nationally known consumer lawyer in Southfield told the paper, “Movie theaters are regulated, so the lawsuit won’t go anywhere.”

Then there are those who contend that the sagging economy is to blame for the high concession prices because movie ticket sales are down–1.2 billion tickets were sold last year compared with 1.6 billion in 2002.

Whatever the outcome of the suit at least Thompson had the gumption to stand up and let it be known that he is fed up and will not take it anymore.

How do you feel about movie theater concession stand prices, are you fed up too?


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