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Talking about a black woman’s hair is certainly a touchy subject, especially when one focuses on the societal pressures women face in the name of beauty and acceptance.


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But today’s Black women exude pride in their hair, whether natural or relaxed. And a North Carolina playwright is focusing her directorial debut on that very subject with her play “I Love My Hair When It’s Good: & Then Again When It Looks Defiant and Impressive.”

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Actress and writer Chaunesti Webb spoke with The Durham News about her play, the discussions around Black hair and opportunities to explore the subject with a variety of people.

“Everybody has a hair story, no matter where we come from,” said Webb. Set in the south, the play focuses on two cousins and their family as they both face coming of age trials and triumphs spanning between the 1970s onto the 2000s.

“It’s like a memory play, so there are a lot of flashback,” the Durham native further explains.

Webb also told the Durham News she feels the play,” creates a place for people to think about their own coming of age, that it puts people together who wouldn’t normally be in the same place.”

“And that is what really excites me, actually – to get a lot of different people together to hear an affirmative story about a black experience,” she added.

“I Love My Hair When It’s Good: & Then Again When It Looks Defiant and Impressive” will debut on March 8 and run through March 17 at Durham’s Manbites Dog Theater.