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Detroit Mayor Dave Bing sat down with Mildred Gaddis of Urban Talk Station AM 1200 WCHB the day after his State of the City address. Mayor Bing stated an Emergency Manager is not Governor Snyder‘s first choice for Detroit. What is Detroit Mayor Bing’s take on this:

“He doesn’t think Detroit can fix its self with an emergency manager. I told him we agree with that… At this point we need get specifics from Lansing in terms of what my ask is. I provided them with a plan several months ago and I need them to either accept the plan, reject the plan or make some amendments to the plan. I am going to be meeting with the Governor either today or tomorrow to get more specifics.”

“The waiting game costs the city money. We cannot implement any of our plans until a plan is accepted and so I have been waiting for sometime right now to get feed back and get a definitive answer… Every month that goes by without a plan being implemented costs us somewhere around 10 million dollars.”

Bing’s State of the City: “It’s not about cutting our way out of this, it’s about redefining who we are as a city”

Mildred Gaddis also addresses the strong political rumor that Michael E. Duggan is no longer at DMC as president and CEO implying that word he may become the Emergency Manager and run for the major in the future. Watch the video here for Mayor Dave Bing’s opinion on this.

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Mayor Bing also revealed that there are conversations going on between Detroit and Lansing that the Mayor thinks will get Detroit out of the cash flow problem. Does Mildred Gaddis get him to spill the beans? Find out here!

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