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For years, Rush Limbaugh has virtually gotten away with making some of the most outrageous and insulting statements about everyone from Blacks and minorities to women.  But his now infamous comments regarding Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke hit a new low, even for Rush.  Attacking a  woman whose only crime was to testify, Rush proved that he has absolutely no respect for women and our voices in society.  And his non-apology “apology” satisfied no one, not even his own advertisers.  It’s seriously time for Rush to start rushing off of our airwaves everywhere.


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Since the Sandra Fluke scandal, several stations have already dropped “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” Over 40 advertisers have pulled their spots from the broadcast, and several members of Congress have spoken out against Rush and his deplorable remarks.  And on Wednesday night, Sen. Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said he would like the Armed Services Network to also drop the show.  As a woman, and as a mother, I couldn’t agree with these leaders more.  It’s time for Rush to go.

There’s no place in our discourse for someone who calls an innocent woman a “slut”, a “prostitute” or worse.  Freedom of speech doesn’t give people with a platform and bully pulpit to openly spew hatred.  In 2007, Don Imus thought he could make bigoted comments and get away with it, but he soon learned that racism would not be tolerated.  Similarly, Rush will wake up to the reality that sexism won’t be tolerated either.

In November, voters will head to the polls and decide who will lead the country for the next four years.  A majority of these citizens — like the majority of our population itself —will be women.  And these women (myself included) will not forget the vicious attack against Sandra Fluke.  Nor will we forget the lack of leadership from Republican leaders in calling out Rush Limbaugh.  Women, and the men who love us (including our fathers and grandfathers), will not forget.

Rush foolishly thinks he provides some sort of entertainment.  We are not amused, Rush, and neither are your advertisers.  During this Women’s History Month, how dare you insult us.  Someone please turn his mic off.


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