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A 6-year-old child’s penis was bitten off and discarded by his deranged father Thursday morning in Shenzhen, Guangdon Province, in China, reports Shanghai Daily.


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According to witnesses, the 32-year-old unidentified father took his son and his 4-year-old sister for a walk.

They were all nude.

The Father, who is mentally ill, demanded that his young son bite off his own penis.  When the first-grader refused to comply with his dad’s bizarre wishes, he was attacked.  The man lunged at the terrified boy, bit off his penis and threw it into some nearby shrubs.  The child was left on the ground bleeding profusely.

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As soon as some onlookers saw what the Father had done to his child, they quickly responded by pushing the man to the ground and holding him there for local authorities. The little boy’s penis was found and sent with the child to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the father, whom neighbors say had been a good parent until recently, lived with his children in a rented room. The Father had lost his job, was greatly in debt, and his wife left him in 2010 over his failed business.  He has been unable to pay his rent and informed the landlord that he needed to take his children to go begging in order to make enough money to pay it.

According to police, the man is under observation at a hospital and his daughter is being cared for by relatives.

The little boy is currently undergoing medical treatment and according to doctors, may need long-term therapy to help him deal with his tragic situation.

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