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Former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, Adam “Pacman” Jones is getting a bit of leniency from the law. Pleading guilty in January to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct — for shouting profanities and resisting police officers in a Cincinnati bar in July —  he was ordered to complete 50 hours of community service, serve 1 year probation and pay $250 in court costs.


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Surprisingly, after completing community service, Jones was released from probation on Friday — an astonishing 10 months early.

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Now a free agent, Jones is no stranger to the system. After “making it rain” in a Vegas strip club during the 2007 NBA All-Star weekend, Jones plead no contest to being involved in a brawl that left three people shot and one permanently paralyzed from the waist down, reports ESPN:

According to court documents, Jones became angry when a dancer and a club promoter continued sweeping up the money he had thrown on the stage.

Two Minxx bouncers interviewed by “Outside the Lines” said Jones approached the dancer who was collecting the money, grabbed her by the hair and hit her in the face with a closed fist. Jones has denied attacking the entertainer. No charges have been filed.

According to witness statements in court documents, when Minxx bouncer Aaron Cudworth grabbed Jones in an effort to forcibly remove him from the club, Jones said, “I’m gonna kill ya. Matter of fact, all youse are gonna get it.” During the struggle, according to witnesses, Jones bit Cudworth near his left ankle.

In his second statement to police, when asked by a detective whether he had made any threats, Jones said: “No sir. Not one threat.” Jones told police that while he was “making it rain,” several dancers started fighting over the money.

Jones was ordered to perform an additional 75 hours of community service for violating that probation with his recent arrest in Cincinnati.

Note to Pacman: The club is not your friend. Stay far, far away.

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