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NFL star baller Chad Ochocinco and his “Basketball Wives” brawler fiancée Evelyn Lozada have inked a sweet VH-1 deal for a reality show that is based on the countdown to their summer nuptials, reports TMZ.

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The limelight-loving pair will each reportedly receive $300,000 for two months work on the show, which will begin filming over the next few weeks.

When it was time to renew Lozada’s contract on current reality show “Basketball Wives” last year, Lozada was supposedly no longer interested in signing on the dotted line.

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Apparently, the feisty Latina was peeved about the fact that VH-1 had posted a blog that insinuated she had cheated on Ochocinco. At the time, Lozada had decided that she was walking out on the reality show franchise for good.

When producers dangled the “we’ll-give-you-and-Ochocinco-your-own-reality-show” carrot, though, the climate changed. Still, Lozada had specific demands that had to be met in order for the deal to be sealed: the show had to be shot around her daughter’s school schedule, her on-camera time had to be cut down, and she couldn’t miss any of Ochocinco’s games.

Lozada called all the shots during the reality show’s negotiations.

According to TMZ, not only were her demands met, but the “Basketball Wives” producers even gave her a hefty raise.

This week, the pair’s show will be announced.  We should be in for an eyeful!