Michael Haynes man killed over box of condomsMichael Haynes of Detroit was shot dead over a box of condoms this weekend, the Detroit Free Press reports.


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The deadly killing took place at a BP gas station in Detroit. Kassim Saleh, 23, of nearby Dearborn was the clerk at the station who is charged with the murder. So far, authorities say that Haynes questioned Saleh over the cost of a box of condoms and an argument ensued.

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Haynes walked out of the store and pushed over several shelves of stocked items in protest, the article reports. Salah left his bulletproof glass area behind the booth to confront Haynes. The Free Press has more:

“It is alleged that Mr. Saleh exited the enclosed room armed with a handgun and shot Haynes in the back as he was leaving the station,” Worthy said, adding that claims that Saleh shot into the ceiling to scare Haynes were untrue.

The shot hit Haynes in the shoulder and he later died at Sinai-Grace Hospital, according to Detroit Police.

The family’s gathering drew nearly 100 friends, family members and community members, who claimed that they want to see peace between Detroit residents and those who own and operate gas stations in the city.

Radio personality Mildred Gaddis also attended the gathering to lend support to the family — and to voice her concern about disrespect shown by some Detroit gas station owners and operators toward their customers.

“You’re either going to treat us with respect, or you’re not going to do business in our town,” she said, describing everything from slang names like “baby” and “sweetie” used by clerks to the illegal sale of loose cigarettes, drugs and money at some stations. “They make this money and go back to West Bloomfield and all their places and they live very well.”

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