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Hip-hop hype man Flavor Flav is opening his own diner in Las Vegas on Thursday, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

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The reality star’s latest business venture, House of Flavor, will offer an array of “put-your-foot-in-it” soul food favorites, such as macaroni and cheese, rice and gravy, coleslaw, and collard greens. While the specialty will be fried chicken, the featured specialty is red velvet waffle.

As a matter of fact, Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr., has been down this culinary path before, when he opened up a restaurant last year that specialized in fried chicken.  The eatery, named  Flav’s Fried Chicken (FFC), opened in eastern Iowa and remained afloat for a mere four months before its doors closed permanently due to management issues. Flav also claims that the establishment was far and he could not be as hands-on as he wanted to be.

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All is not lost, though, according to Flav, he plans on making his fried chicken restaurant a franchise like KFC.  As a matter of fact, fans should be on the lookout for an FFC opening in Detroit real soon.

Now Flav has high hopes for his new diner, because it’s location is very close to home since he resides in ‘Sin City.’

The business of owning a diner is old hat for Flav, since his parents owned one in Long Island, New York.  Cooking has always been a passion for the 52-year-old performer, who says that he attended a culinary school and received a degree in 1978.  Somewhere before he hit it big as a musician, Flav managed to secure stints involving cooking.  He was head cook at a few courthouses and at a few high schools.

Although Flav still travels with his Public Enemy group, he says he will still carve out time to spend time at the off-the-strip diner.  “When I go to the restaurant, I’m going to be working. I’m not going to be just signing autographs and taking pictures. You’ll find me in the kitchen cooking. You’ll find me frying chicken. You’ll find me serving food to customers. And I’ll be taking pictures and autographs at the same time,” he tells Bloomberg Businessweek.

Believe the hype!

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