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Britshonna Lashaun PattersonBritshonna Lashaun Patterson, 17, was taken in to police custody Monday afternoon for allegedly stealing her teacher’s wallet on February 28, but before going on a spending spree, the remorseful teen left the educator a written apology and placed in within view of the teacher’s desk, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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After Patterson allegedly took the wallet, which was reportedly located in the unidentified teacher’s desk, she used credit cards to buy various items from her school’s vending machines.  The Marietta, Ga., high school youth also utilized the stolen cards to buy groceries and other non-food items at a Quik Pik convenience store the day after the wallet was taken.  Ironically, the chain store, where Patterson stopped to buy items, was located directly across the street from Marietta police headquarters.

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Since Patterson did not sign her name on the apology note, police should have been stumped as to whom might have taken the wallet.  Luckily for the victim, a fellow faculty member observed Patterson stooped over the desk writing something on a piece of paper while the teacher was out of the classroom.  The witness was able to tell investigators that they had seen Patterson at the desk before the crime had been reported.

Police were able to get an arrest warrant for the teen who was booked in to the Cobbs County jail and charged with credit card theft and credit card fraud.  Patterson is also being held on a $3,000 bond.


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