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When Micheal Green II finished his homework, he went outside to play basketball. But moments later, he was shot, the Detroit Free Press reports.


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The Detroit Free Press has more:

“Ten minutes later all I heard was ‘boom, boom, pow, pow, ‘” Lashaunda Green, Michael’s mother said.

Green, 40, ran outside, saw her son holding his arm and noticed he had blood on his shirt.

“Michael, were you shot?” she said.

A bullet pierced the boy’s right arm breaking it and severed an artery that had to be repaired with a vein from his groin, Green said.

Michael told his mom that he ducked when he heard gunfire. Green said she doesn’t know who the shots were intended for, but believes somebody else was being shot at from a car in the neighborhood and her son was hit.

Fortunately, Green survived and has started physical therapy. Go to the Detroit Free Press for more on this story.

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