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A Chicago man has been sentenced to 50 years for brutally raping a 90-year-old woman and burglarizing her home last year, reports CBS Chicago.

The 90-year-old woman was savagely attacked by a man who is 66 years her junior, Secore Joffee King.  The unidentified Gary, Indiana senior was forced to recount her traumatic ordeal Tuesday on the witness stand as she faced her smiling attacker, King, a jury, judge and horrified onlookers.

King had seen the woman sweeping snow off her front porch on January 26 of last year.  He then seized the opportunity to aggressively shove the senior indoors, then fling her to the ground.  The elderly woman, who walks with a cane, did not know her attacker.  At the time of the attack, the woman who was 89, said that King’s strength rendered her helpless and she was unable to fight him off.

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The young man repeatedly threatened to kill his victim and held a pair of scissors aimed directly at her heart before he demanded sex. The woman went on to state that King grabbed her neck and began to squeeze with such intensity that she nearly passed out.  Yet, despite King’s violent maneuvers, the woman managed to grab his private parts and squeezed with all her might.

After King violently sexually assaulted his victim, he then ransacked the home taking only four frozen dinners and $7 from her wallet.  The nonagenarian then went on to state that she suffered internal injuries which resulted in a week-long hospital stay.  Not only did her 24-year-old attacker violate the widow physically, he left her devoid of any dignity, “I’m still not recovered,” she lamented.

Gary police were able to apprehend King two days after the attack.  He was actually wearing the very same tee shirt that the woman  had described to authorities.

As the judge read King’s fate, his face failed to display any remorse for his crime.  Although his defense lawyer insisted that her client was humiliated by what he had done, the judge disagreed.

The woman did let her assailant know that the sentence he received is not the final one.  “You have one more judge to face and his name is God,” she warned.


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